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Capturing the Special Moment

Congratulations! You have gotten engaged with your partner-for-life! Your wedding is one in a lifetime. Thus it is important to capture the special moments, where you and your partner will be officially together. At Pixioo Photography, our experienced photographers are specialised in taking candid photographs. Our professional photographs take creative shots during the wedding to make the experience as memorable and special as possible.

To find out about what our clients has to say or wedding photography portfolio, visit our Pixioo reviews page for more information.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hence it is important to capture the special moment between the two. Memorable photographs could be references for both in the future when looking back and smiling at the big day. Our wedding photographers are experienced and have many positive reviews from clients. In addition, we have a wedding photography portfolio with many wedding photographs taken at various weddings. Click the link for more information regarding our wedding photography services.

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Photography

A corporate event is normally held only once a year. Thus, it is important to have a professional photographer to capture the happy occasion. Our photographers have years of experience in the photography industry and love taking photographs from different new angles. For more information about our corporate event photography services, call +65 83282305.

Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Photography

Maternity is a very special time- the Mother t0-be is excited, the Father to-be is taking parenting lessons and everyone is expecting the new family member, the baby. Thus it is important to remember this moment by hiring a professional photographer as these photographs could be shown to your child in the future. Our photographers love taking creative and candid photographs. This will help you to appreciate and remember the experience even better. Click on link for more information about our maternity photography services.

Our Professional Photographers

You may already have a list of potential photography companies you would like to hire for your event or wedding. To help you make your decision and give you a piece of mind, we have listed down below several qualities our local photographers have:

  1. Our photographers have years of experience in the photography industry.
  2. Our photographers love trying to take photo shoots from new different angles.
  3. Our photographers are responsible and are always punctual for events and weddings.
  4. Our photographers have editing skills to help touch up images should there be an issue with them.
  5. Our photographers’ style is candid. Thus their photographs are creative and candid, making it memorable and special.

Pixioo Photography Reviews

At Pixioo Photography, we take pride in our work and aim is to help our clients take candid yet beautiful sharp photographs. Are you considering to pick us as your wedding or event photographer? Below are several of our Pixioo Photography reviews that we have received from around the web:

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