Mervyn & Erika | The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

On the day Merv marrying the love of his life, we visited the place where he spent most of his time when he met Zhao. The football field. Got him an arm cast. Not sure what kind of tricks he was up to when he showed off to his friends. But sure it did got the attention of Erika. 

In a chinese school, Chung Cheng High, I could imagine how it might have sound like to hear the name Zhao in the corridors and study area. Where she recall how her homework would be lost to the winds and the lake. His heart is lost too, to the name of Zhao. The look on Merv face, thoughts and words. These are instruments to how we engraved memories to our hearts. To see Merv walked down the running track with Zhao, we knew we did well for them. The best I know how. 

highlight of the wedding -
We laughed so hard when one of the bridesmaid said,
'why keep do and say, whats this do and say photography ah.'