Jonathan & Melissa | Perth

It is a surreal feeling when the same friend whom I have shared the most ordinary of moments with - braving battles on dota, laughing, conversing - starts making a new transition into married life. 

I am humbled and glad to have shot for you guys during the trip. You guys were amazing during the shoot and it was filled with joy and laughter, making it feels like a holiday trip rather than a photoshoot. Thank you once again Jonathan & Melissa ❤❤ It warms my heart to see you guys together and love blossom, From the bottom of my heart, I wish you guys all the best and happy marriage.

Kenneth never fails in crafting his art, really amazed by his work once again. Thank you for always sharing new ideas with me, pushing me further in my photography business.

Together with the amazing Freshfromkenneth and Charlane (: