Ben & Samantha | CHIJMES wedding

There will definitely be some uncertainties in wanting to do away with the traditions of a customary wedding, but Ben and Samantha have proven that it can be more rewarding if couples are willing to traverse out of the box. First and foremost, everything started at noon. 

To most other couples, this must come in astonishment. There was no waking at wee hours of the morning – this couple, together with their family and friends, got the shut eye they needed to get through the big day, refreshed and enjoyably too. What better way than to spend this most important day of their lives, surrounded by their loved ones, not confined by the limits of formalities and tireless schedules? 

Weddings are not just about the grand romance between the two people getting married — they are also about celebrating family and friends. With the luxury and fluidity of time, the opportunities to build relationships, bond and share love notes were aplenty. There was a lot of emphasis on the reception, where exuberance, emotion and love converged – the very moments I live for as a wedding photographer. 

It is evident that more couples these days are putting the “I” in “I do’’ by individualising their marriage celebrations. Ben and Samantha also took it upon themselves to execute their own engagement shoot in Santorini and replace horrible tasting Canapés at the usual gate crash with banter over brunch, much to the delight of their friends. 

With more couples putting “the experience” above all, tried-and-true traditions may become a thing of the past. If you are not able to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. So take the risk, be bold and be prepared to be very pleasantly surprised.

Vendors involve:

photography: @pixioo
videography: @freshfromkenneth
florals: @keirafloral
gown: @twcweddings
hair: @articabyjuno
mua: @cocoonmakeupandhair
venue: @chijmes_hall