When I first chanced upon one of Kenneth’s video @freshfromkenneth on social media, I knew there and then that I had to engage him as our VG when Martin and I get married! I eagerly showed Martin one of Kenneth’s works and he too, echoed the same thoughts. I love how each and every scene in his video, tells a story, a story belonging to the couple themselves. I love how no two video is the same! Martin, especially love his song choices - which I must add that the songs he pick are really pretty unique (in a good way!). Needless to say, the songs he picked for our PWS and AD videos, now tops the charts of our playlist! As family and friends would know, I am not someone who cry easily, but Kenneth, made me cry not once, but twice - both because of his video crafts! 

Samuel Samuel Samuel, what can I say... he definitely takes the throne when it comes to taking pictures of couples on days with golden streams! But I take back my word on that when he produced equally breathtaking pictures of Martin and I even when the weather was pretty gloomy during one of the days for our PWS in Perth! His passion for photography really translates into his photos! How he go all out for us during our PWS - taking pictures of Martin and I Cycling, while he was Cycling with one hand on the bike, balancing on the bike (yes, he was Cycling too plus he was carrying his huge camera bag and our stuff!) and another hand on his camera, clicking away - that I will not forget! I also like how he makes everyone feels comfortable with his bubbly character and infectious laughters!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you both for helping us capture memories on one of the most important day of our lives! ❤