industry friends

"I like to surround myself with creative people. They love life in such a contagious way that can't often be put into words."
-Rachel Wolchin-

The creative industry is full of two kinds of people: Those who support community over competition and those who don’t. Some creatives choose to help others grow, and some would rather tear each other down. This is why I am so incredibly thankful for friendship built over our 5 years in wedding industry.



FreshfromKenneth works as if he was the one professional friend you had filming your wedding day. He sees what you don't and probably your guests might have overwhelmed you, but he carefully craft them together in the short few minutes of memories that will not happen again.

Liken to a time-traveller, we slide right pass every notable life events in your marriage. We don't charge less, but we do more for our valuable couples. Couples who knows who they are investing in. One that is for the many good years to come. After all, what we capture is a reflection of our heart at FreshfromKenneth.


Charlane yu

Hey! I’m Charlane Yu, a professional makeup artist based in sunny Singapore.

People say, ‘do what you love and you will never have to work again’. I’d always felt that that was unrealistic, until I finally became a makeup artist.

Having been raised in a traditional family, I was expected to do well in school, and I worked very hard to meet that expectation. I made my parents really happy when I presented to them my job offer from NUS as a researcher. I had made it! During my spare time, though, I was dolling up friends for their special events and occasionally some of them would joke about how I should consider switching careers.

In late 2015, I did just that. I started my journey to becoming a full-time professional bridal makeup artist. I like working with brides because every wedding is magical in its unique way, and I love experiencing that. It is always an honour to be part of something so important.

I prefer clean and light makeup with careful attention to details on eye adjustment and enhancement to bring out the beauty of each bride. I want romance to show through the bridal hairstyles that I create. Every hairdo is unique in its own way as I cater to each bride’s style and preferences.

I enjoy chatting with and listening to my brides to understand their unique needs. I do this before and during our makeup session. I believe alignment between you and me is crucial, in terms of what looks you prefer and whether you have any special requests, to creating great makeup and hairstyling. I’m constantly improving my professional skills and knowledge through courses and experience in the field so you can trust to always be getting my best work yet!

Thank you for reading and considering my service. I give my sincerest blessings to you on your big day!