At Freyafilms, we like to think of ourselves as a “Memory Machіne.” We capture, preserve, and give memories to our couples. Our work would be described as honest, elegant, dynamic, and real with an editorial edge. Our goal is to capture the unnoticed moments, the otherwise forgotten memories, the unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple.

Wedding day film making is not merely a chronological compilation of the day’s events, we artistically and creatively tell the story of your day and present it in true cinematic form. Freyafilms has found its niche in telling truly authentic stories that are 100% unique to each couple. At Freyafilms, we believe that your event should be a very special memorable experience when using our service. We also believe that every event is different and needs to be treated uniquely. Your wedding is unlike any other, your personalities are one-of-a-kіnd, and we want to capture that.